Container Park 707 Fremont St. Unit No. 1230
Las Vegas, NV 89101 United States

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Frat Haus Located in the Las Vegas Container Park

Founded on Tradition

The vision of Frat Haus was inspired by the loving memory and legacy of Heidi Renee. David and Heidi have always been philanthropic serial entrepreneurs and community builders. This dynamic duo got the idea for Frat Haus years ago from employing seasonal workers at their coastal restaurants and bars, most of whom were members of fraternities or sororities and would come back year after year during spring and summer breaks.

The bond they built in mentoring these young adults and the loyalty and camaraderie they saw building between these brothers and sisters inspired them to create a community centric brand, and thus

Frat Haus was born.


Frat Haus offers a mix of classic and innovative dishes inspired by cuisine from coast to coast. We pride Ourselves on using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible, and we love creative twists on classic dishes.

Frat Haus is a micro eatery that aims to provide a fun and inclusive dining experience for everyone.

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